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Cannabis is Fuelling a New Fitness Movement

Created on Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017 03:00:00

You probably don't think of stoners as being the most active people in the world, but the stereotype of the lazy pot head stuck on the couch is getting a run for its money. In California – and across the U.S. – weed and exercise are being paired together to fuel a new fitness movement.

San Francisco recently saw the opening of the world’s first cannabis gym, Power Plant Fitness, which encourages members to get high before getting ripped. The gym functions like any normal fitness club – complete with bootcamps, weight rooms and a wellness center. The only difference is that participants are allowed and encouraged to toke before or after their workout, and are allowed to do so on the premise. “Cannabis is one of many supplements we at Power Plant Fitness use to attain and maintain our symbiotic state of wellness,” reads the website.

Taking it a step further, 420 Games puts on Olympics-style athletic events in California and Colorado where pot enthusiasts compete in triathlons, obstacle courses, mountain bike races, golf tournaments, and footraces, all while under the influence of cannabis.

The biggest sector of this movement is yoga. Across the country, many yoga studios and yogis have started hosting ganja-infused sessions, which many believe has been part of the yoga practice since its inception in India centuries ago. While ganja yoga events are popping up across the country, San Francisco’s Dee Dussault is thought to be the leader of this movement, and was the first yoga teacher to bring this practice to the U.S.

The growth of this movement has of course brought up the question: is stoned exercise healthy? An analysis published this year found that only 15 studies have been published worldwide on the relationship between cannabis and athletic performance. Most studies found no evidence of a positive or negative relationship between the two, but more researchers are considering conducting studies now that the movement is taking off. 


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